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Cash On Delivery

We believe in connecting our business with customer business. Expand your business nationwide with DDS Courier Cash on Delivery Services (CDS).

DDS uses the most efficient e-commerce technology & fastest ways & means to support your business opportunities and serve your customers by timely deliveries of your goods with your customers’ satisfaction.

Our connectivity network & teams will help you reach more than 150 destination within the country and receive your payment within three 3 days. Increase your limitless reach, sales, profit and new customers with the help of DDS Courier.

Pickup Procedure

DDS pickup service is available from Monday to Saturday as a regular service. DDS Courier & Logistics schedule your pickup accordingly at a convenient time from your home, warehouse, office or any other location.
We will be pleased to receive your pickup orders by email or via phone call at 0331-6667111 any time before 3:00 p.m.